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5 products that are surprisingly convenient to bring on holiday

What do you take with you when you go on holiday? We all have a list of must-haves that we absolutely, without a doubt, take with us every time we go on holiday - no matter the destination. That list will be slightly different for every person. We're sharing our holiday must-haves with you, with 5 items that you probably haven't thought of before but can offer just that bit of extra comfort at your destination away from home. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a bit of extra comfort - right? 

1. Pillow Spray

Oh what lovely fragrances can do to a person! This travel-size pillow spray from REN contains lavender, hop andincencse that - when combined - have a relaxing effect on your night's rest. Great for at home but also when you're traveling and sleeping in unfamiliar beds. The pillow spray spreads a rich yet breezy scent that soothes the nerves…hmmmm.

2. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is well known in the beauty world. This natural problem solver can truly be used for everything! The rich oil naturally contains an SPF 6 and can be used for skin, hair and nails - as a rich, natural treatment of daily for extra hydration. The possibilities are literally endless - with other words: your best friend at home and on holiday! Tip: Jojoba oil is perfect as an aftersun because the nourishing oil has a naturally calming and hydrating effect on the skin. The handy pipette makes dosing so easy - only a couple of drops go a long way. Bye bye burnt skin and dry spots!

3. Smith's Rosebud Salve

AA salve for everything and not fluid so perfect to take with you on the plane. From dry lips to dry spots and from dry cuticles to sunburn - you name it and Smith’s Rosebud is the solution for the skin problem. Next to that, the balm provides your lips with the most lovely subtle shine, so perfect to use a replacement for your usual lip gloss. 

4. Conditioner This seems like a duh-moment, because whoever uses conditioner after washing their hair at home will most definitely bring conditioner on holiday. But did you know that conditioner is perfect for protecting your hair from dryness during a day on the beach? Simply apply conditioner on the driest parts of your hair and you can even braid your hair for extra protection. Your conditioner has now turned into a leave-in mask that will protect your vulnerable locks against salt water and burning sun. Then simply wash out with shampoo and your hair will feel silky soft and hydrated. This conditioner from Marie-Stella-Maris even doubles as a leave-in mask and can also be used as a finishing styling product.

5. Travel Room Spray
Ever experienced a funky smell in a hotel room? With a travel-size room spray you're always one step ahead of that problem! The natural sprays contain a blend of essential oils and herbs for a fresh and breezy fragrance that immediately makes you feel at home, where ever you are in the world. Merely a few pumps is enough to spread a long-lasting, lovely fragrance in any space.

Go to our Travel Size category in our Beauty Shop to discover the entire selection of compact holiday must-haves. 

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