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These are the 7 wardrobe essentials every Parisian women owns

When we talk about the fashion capital of the world, Paris holds a steady number one spot. Not only because of the staggering amount of couture fashion houses that can be found in this worldly city, but also because Parisians are globally known for their good taste in clothes. It’s even become a dress style: Parisian chic. In Paris, women build their wardrobes around high-end qualities and perfect fits, which seamlessly connects to PB’s way of thinking. That’s why we’re sharing the 7 wardrobe essentials of stylish Parisian women with you and we’ll show you how to create different looks with a few simple changes. Get inspired!
White poplin shirt
The white poplin shirt can be worn on all days of the week in Paris, during the daytime, evenings and nights. It all depends on the combination. A perfect poplin shirt is made of a fresh white, crispy cotton quality and shows no unnecessary detailing. The perfect fit differs per women, but we particularly love the straight, slightly oversized silhouette.
Perfect dark blue jeans
Without bleached and unnecessary details - Parisian women opt for a plain, deep dark blue wash that leaves all the room for the perfect fit to be the center of attention. The additional benefit is that plain dark blue jeans are easy to style for both casual and more dressy looks.
Different blazers
When - like in Paris - a blazer is key for every day, that one perfect blazer simply doesn’t exist. Maybe you’ll want to wear a tailored style to work and a more oversized version off-duty. The solution? Invest in your ideal blazer collection - from more tailored, basic versions to cool, rock-chic designs in a stylish color palette.
Ballerina’s or loafers
You’ll seldomly see women in Paris strut around in sneakers. When a lot of walking dominates your day - which makes wearing pumps all day a no-go - it’s often ballerina flats or loafers that Parisians parade around in.
Luxurious turtlenecks
Fitted, oversized or short sleeved - the turtleneck is a permanent part of the fashion scene in Paris and they’re perfect for our Dutch weather as well. Collect different versions so you can mix it up by wearing solo and layered. With warmer weather, opt for turtleneck T-shirts.
Classic black pumps
According to the Parisian woman, it shouldn’t matter if the perfect black pumps hurt when you’re walking if they look great. Parisiennes always carry a back-up pair of flats in their bag.
Large leather shopper
The perfect everyday bag in Paris is stylish, made of (vegan) leather and most of all big. Why big? To fit everything you need for the entire day in it. Think healthy snacks, that extra pair of flats when your heels are killing you and essential make-up products to make your transition from daytime to nighttime appointments as flawless as possible.
From on-duty chic to off-duty chic
Okay, so now that you know what the 10 essentials for a Parisian-chic wardrobe are, how are you supposed to wear them? The Parisian woman breathes timeless silhouettes in basic colors but always adds a fashionable twist to her look. This can be in the shape of subtle studs, metallic or gemstone details for a rock-chic touch or with statement print or items - like an XL printed scarf, bright colored bag or a Breton stripe. In a nutshell: keep it simple and add a twist.
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