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This is the way to create healthy hair

Every woman wants a full, strong and healthy head of hair. And it all starts with the basics: strong hair with a healthy scalp. So, we wash our hair regularly - WRONG! We probably wash our hair too often. Every shampoo wash disrupts the natural process which leaves your scalp to produce more tallow, leading to greasy hair even quicker. Shampoo also dries out, creating a more brittle hair structure - all the things we don’t want! The solution? Wash your hair less frequently! Using shampoo once or twice a week is enough. 'What about those other days?!', I hear you think. Use non-shampoo solutions to cleanse your hair gently. Discover our tips and tricks!

A scrub for your scalp? Yep! And this scrub with sea salt from Christophe Robin adds plenty of goodness! It's an ideal detox treatment that removes tallow, grease and dirt gently. And it will add at least three wash free days to your routine.
This cleansing mask with lemon from Christophe Robin is a silicone and paraben free formula. It's a Christophe Robin classic that's been popular for a while with women who've already adopted the No-Poo trend. 
Dry shampoos are the ideal quick fix for greasy hair when time is an issue. The instant volume boost dry shampoo adds to your coif is a nice plus.
Tip 1: keep enough distance when applying the shampoo. Spraying too close to your scalp can leave a white mist and weigh down your hair.
Tip 2: give the dry shampoo some time to do its work and wait a few minutes before combing out your hair for more effect.
Vinegar has been a popular all-round means for the home, but did you know it does wonders for your hair and skin as well? You could put together your own vinegar mix but Christophe Robin's already done the work for you, resulting in products that don't leave an acid smell. You can choose between leave-in lotions with sage vinegar, hibiscus vinegar or - especially for blonde hair - with fruit vinegar. Good to know: all lotions can also be used on the body!
Prolonging time in between washes is done by leaving your hair alone as much as you can, so:
• Don’t brush too often during the day . When you do brush, use a boar bristle brush that naturally distributes the oils from the scalp to the hair and doesn't damage the strands.  
• Fidget as little as you can
• Use styling products sparingly

Has shampoo day finally arrived? Then don’t forget the most important thing: rinse, rinse, rinse. We tend to be in a hurry - not rinsing thoroughly enough - so really take your time to rinse out as much product as possible. 

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