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The woman behind the sign interpreter: discover Irma Sluis’ dress style

Who doesn’t know her by now? Irma Sluis is the most popular sign interpreter in The Netherlands and plays a crucial role in reporting important news - simultaneously, she’s literally the woman standing behind some important men. A unique combination to translate into an outfit. For the press conferences, Irma’s made a stylish selection from our shop and of course, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to ask this leading lady in sign language some questions about her dress style on stage. Quickly read on to get to know the lady behind the sign interpreter a little bit better. 
1. You appear on tv regularly, but the spotlights are definitely pointed at you now. How crucial are clothes for your type of work?
Clothes play a big role and like with any other job, it’s important to adjust the outfit to the occasion; I always dress according to the situation. Signing for the news or a press conference asks for a different approach then signing for a children’s program or a workshop bobbin lacing. I always try to blend in as best as I can.
Irma's on-duty style
2. In what way do colors influence your on-duty dress choices?
For tv, taking colors into account is of the utmost importance - it shouldn’t distract any attention from the goal. I usually prefer wearing neutral colors like black, brown, green, dark blue or burgundy. When I sign for the news, I do so in front of a green screen in the studio - it’s important to keep that in mind.

3. How does your off-duty dress style differ from your on-duty dress style?
My personal dress style changes from time to time and can be very different from the clothes I wear to work. In my spare time, I like to wear prints and detailed blouses for instance - which isn’t suitable to wear on the job.
Detailed blouses
Printed tops
4. What does your beauty routine involve?
My beauty routine is quite basic really. I cleanse my face in the shower using a face wash. Then I apply some moisturizer of course, and as a base for my make-up I use a BB-cream. I like my make-up to look natural, so I only use some eyeliner, mascara and something on my lips. That’s about it.
Face wash & moisturizer
Natural make-up look with Perricone
5. What are your favorite ways of self-care?
I don’t spend enough time for self-care but when I do, my favorite thing is to take a nice long bath; light a few candles, turn on some music accompanied by a fragrant bath oil. Going to the spa with a friend and enjoying a great meal also count as favorite activities.
Scented candles & bath oils

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