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The best way to combine sun care with makeup

Every woman knows it: you should protect your face from the damaging effects of UV-rays every day using an SPF. Even in winter or when you’re spending most of the day inside. Because UV-rays aren’t visible but are always present - even on cloudy days. With so many different facial SPF products out there and different ways of applying, we can imagine you feel lost at times. We’ll explain to you in detail about your options and the differences in effect. Quickly read on and never leave home with extra protection for you skin again. 
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Let’s get the first rumor out of the way: makeup with a built-in SPF is never enough. For instance, with a foundation with SPF, you’ll most likely never apply enough product to reach the full level of protection. Other makeup products containing SPF are probably applied locally and never offer full coverage for your face and neck. So, a separate sunscreen is simply a must. That doesn’t mean that makeup containing SPF are nonsense - on the contrary, you should see them as a bonus. The more protection, the better! 

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Whether you use a minimal amount of makeup or you’re a true makeup fanatic, in both cases it’s important to take a good look at your entire morning routine; the basic rule is that you should start with the lightest formula and end with the heaviest. If you were to apply in a different order, the active ingredients of the lightest formula wouldn’t be able to penetrate your skin deep enough so applying would be a waste. Follow the steps below and leave enough time in between to let the product be fully absorbed by the skin before applying the next layer. This will make both your SPF and makeup last much longer.
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1. Cleanse your face and neck as you would normally do.

2. Apply your usual serum. Serums are usually lightweight, powerful due to a high level of antioxidants and absorb quickly.

3 /4. Depending on which feels heavier - your SPF or moisturizer - determines which you’ll apply next. Tip: most people apply too little SPF product to reach the highest level of protection. Always apply a royal amount onto your face, neck and ears and wait until it is fully absorbed.

5. Now, apply your primer and let fully set.
6. Apply your foundation - preferably one with an SPF. Tip: the best way to apply foundation is by using a foundation brush. When you apply using your fingers, you’ll risk whipping away some sunscreen which doesn’t happen when you use a brush. This also goes for the rest of your makeup.

7. Finally, apply the rest of your makeup. 

Sun care works up to a maximum of 6 hours. Are you planning on a day outside? Then it’s imperative that you regularly reapply during the day. You should reapply at least every 2 to 3 hours. When you wear full-face makeup, it’s better to use a facial spray with SPF to both freshen up your make-up look and add sun protection during the day.
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For nude makeup lovers, there’s also this option: choose a tinted moisturizer with a built-in SPF for reapplying protection during the day and simultaneously refreshing your makeup look. Tip: if you also wear powder, it’s better to use a facial spray with SPF to maintain your makeup look.

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