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Crash course: learn to combine prints in 3 simple phases

We love prints! How about you? Do you combine your prints with plain pieces and black clothes, or are you more of a dare devil that likes to mix-and-match your prints? The result can be surprising and absolutely eye-catching. We’re showing you three ways to combine prints - for beginners to more advanced - and give you tips to keep it subtle. Read all about it and learn more!

As a ‘base’, we’ve chosen for silk pants with a jacquard leaf pattern, in a warm ochre yellow hue. It hardly matters what you wear with these pants - from basic jersey pieces to a luxurious cashmere sweater - the rich design will always result in high-end looks. Here’s your first tip: start building your look with a high-end piece, so that the combination will always look stylish and chic instead of cheap and loud. Simultaneously, Nicole shows that an outspoken garment with print or pattern, can easily be used a base for different looks.

1. Mixing prints for beginners

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If mixing prints is something you haven’t done often, but you’re curious to see if it could be something for you? Then start simple and choose one item with an all-over print, complemented by a statement print - like this T-shirt. You’re still mixing prints but because the T-shirt is plain for the most part, the combination won’t feel like too much. 

2. Mixing prints for the interme- diate advanced

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Are you ready for a next step and do you want to mix all-over prints together, but are you hesitant of what will go well together? Then choose one unique print - like the pants - and add a classic print to the mix, like the shirt. The shirt shows a classic stripe in a demure color palette, to ensure an ensemble that’s easy on the eyes. You could also go for a classic Breton stripe. So, our second tip is to mix with classic stripes to keep your outfit looking modest. 

3. Mixing prints for the advanced

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Have you mastered combining with classic stripes, then you can take it one step further and add a third print. Like with a blazer or cardigan for instance. This combination needs a bit more thinking, because how do you combine three prints together and maintain visual harmony? Here’s our secret: if you examine the look above, you’ll see that the top, pants and shoes fall within a similar color palette of black, dark blue and yellow. The repeating of colors creates unity, despite the different patterns. This unified ‘base’, creates room to add a blazer in a contrasting color that adds playfulness. Tip three is to create unity in your base with a limited color palette. 
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Let’s summarize the tips:
• Start with a luxury piece as a base for your looks, to keep the combination stylish. Think luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere and leather with chic detailing - like a jacquard pattern.
• Combine with a statement T-shirt or classic stripes to keep the look subtle. Also choose modest colors at first and slowly build up to a more outspoken color palette.
• Curate a set with repeating colors, to make adding a third print easier to achieve.
• Stay true to yourself. You’ll notice soon enough when the combination is too much out of your comfort zone.
• Have fun! Experimenting with clothes should be fun and not a stress factor. So, create a moment for yourself, start combining and enjoy the new looks you’ll discover. 
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