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Beige - safe and boring? 5 different ways to wear beige trendy

The most loved color of all neutrals must be beige. Beige is a humble color that is associated with calmness and neutrality and works well with most other colors. But for many, beige can also evoke feelings of being unnoted or even boring. To prove that beige can adapt to different roles in an outfit, we’ve selected 5 of our favorite ways to wear beige and look trendy. Discover and learn.

1. Out-of-the-box silhouettes
Beige is boosted to catwalk level in a flash, when combined with unique silhouettes. Think dramatic puff sleeves or structured shapes, that can be created by using rigid fabrics.
2. Leather and suede
Beige is a soft and discrete color. Add a dose of coolness with leather and suede or even think of faux fur designs for a retro-chic ensemble.
3. Luxurious materials
Go for a luxury upgrade with high-end fabrics like silk, satin and velvet, combined with rich detailing like refined embroidery, lace and sequins. Beige will transform from unnoted into unmistakably beautiful.
4. Animal influences
Hot at this moment: animal prints! And surprisingly enough, they often appear in shades of beige - from light to dark beige. Truly recommended for a trendy wardrobe update. Mix and match your beige with simple black items or with other statement prints like florals, graphic prints or checkered patterns for an instant high-fashion feel.
5. Make it bright
Beige is a versatile basic color, which is why it combines so well with most other colors. Do you want to give bashful beige a contemporary boost? Then team with striking hues like red and yellow for a bright contrast.
Tip: Beige isn’t for everyone but there are ways to make it work for everyone. When beige makes you look pale, than wear the item far away from your face or break it up with other colors. For instance, by combining with a cardigan and/or scarf in a color that suits you better. Or opt to wear beige in bottom pieces.

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