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7 smart wardrobe resolutions for the new year

New year, new start – and that also goes for your wardrobe! A smart shopper is a happy shopper, so we’ve assembled a list of 7 must-try wardrobe resolutions for you, that'll make maintaining your wardrobe a breeze and your outfit-picking fun and easier. On to a more timeless and sustainable wardrobe!

1. Creat a wardrobe shopping list
Making a list has tons of advantages. When you make an overview of the essentials you need this year, you’ll automatically create more focus which prevents you from spending your shop budget on impulse buys.
Tip 1: be specific - for instance: white poplin shirt with straight fit.
Tip 2: display your list in plain view, like your closet door.
image with artdirection
image with artdirection
2. Do a quick wardrobe check every season
Seasonal wardrobe checks are the key to a well-organized closet. Who doesn’t want that? Every change of season demands a (small) adjustment in your wardrobe. Because that dress that you loved last Summer, might not be so great this year. Removing it right away is a great way of creating some extra space for new key pieces. Tip: immediately add this item to your shopping list for an updated overview.

3. Choose quality over quantity
We love a sustainable wardrobe that grows with you, so our advice is that quality always surpasses quantity. A great extra is that - almost automatically - your behavior adapts along with it. After all, you’re far more careful and caring with a cashmere sweater than you are with a cheaper fast-fashion version.
image with artdirection
image with artdirection
4. Only shop perfect fits
This falls in the same category as ‘quality over quantity’. If a garment doesn’t fit quite right or doesn’t feel that comfortable to wear, then don’t purchase it. Odds are that you won't wear it that often - what a waste! Your budget is better spent on an item that’s perfect on all levels and has the potential to become a new wardrobe favorite.

5. Determine a clear color palette
Most of us automatically have a preference for certain colors – visualizing your favorite colors in a collage or mood board is a great way to get a better sense of your personal dress style. The effect is similar to making a wardrobe shopping list: it creates more focus which reduces the chance of impulse buys you’ll regret later. Assemble a base palette of 4 colors max, that you always feel comfortable in, and complement with a maximum of 2 trend colors for variety during the season. Tip: take a picture of your collage with your phone. This way, you’ll always have your mood board at hand when you go shopping.
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6. Think multifunctional
Found something of good quality, that offers the perfect fit and fits your color palette? Then ask yourself this last question: can I create at least 3 different outfits with the clothes I already own? This prevents you from shopping items that you’ll end up wearing in the same combination repeatedly. It also automatically creates a versatile wardrobe with plenty of options for different looks.

7. Only shop what you truly love
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But we often get seduced easily by trends or sales, which leads to impulse buys. It’s better to shop one item that you’re completely in love with and that you’ll still wear in five years’ time, then to shop five items that will end up on the charity pile in six months time. The investment might seem higher at first, but it won’t be in the long run.

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