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5 ways to add color to a timeless wardrobe

In fashion, we’re seeing more bright and even neon colors appear - at PB we like to translate this to a more timeless version of adding color to your daily look. After all, we embrace a timeless wardrobe, not fleeting trends. Even within a timeless wardrobe, there’s plenty of room to play with colors and color accents. Knowing how to combine is key. Quickly read on to learn more!

1. Add contrast with earthy tones

From sandy colors to timeless grey, natural hues create warmth and serenity. By combining striking colors with toned-down colors, you’ll create a stylish contrast that’s never too much.
2. Tonal from head-to-toe
Afraid of a fashion blunder? Then go for a perfect match with tonal styling: team pieces within the same color group and a harmonious look is easily created. Extra tip: keep it basic, without prints for a modern minimalistic approach.
3. Never go wrong: with denim
When in doubt, denim is the answer. Denim truly goes with everything! Whether you choose a denim top or bottom piece, anything goes. To sum it up, little effort and always a good result.
4. Mix ‘n match with prints  
Dare devils, this is for you! By teaming colors and prints, you’re ensured of playful appeal. From trendy animal prints to contemporary statement prints - every print can be combined with color. The most full proof way is to repeat a color from the print - or take a leap and create extra contrast by choosing an opposite color.
5. Just a hint, with accessories
An outfit isn’t complete without accessories. For those who aren’t huge fans of the color trend, but still want to embrace colors in their wardrobe, accessories are the perfect subtle way to go. A colored belt, bag or scarf can be enough to give your look an instant style upgrade. And don’t forget the impact of a great color on your lips or nails - it’s all in the details!
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