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5 different ways to wear grey

Grey hues for wall flowers? We don’t think so! Grey is a true power color that you can really build on and shouldn’t be missing in anyone’s wardrobe. Not only to function as a neutral basic shade but also to provide in high fashion looks. In this blog, we are more than willing to prove that grey goes a long way. Quickly read on to get inspired and discover how to wear your grey items differently every time. 
image with artdirection
image with artdirection
1. Minimalistic style
Grey derives from mixing non-colors black and therefore also categorizes as non-color. Perfect for creating minimalistic looks.
2. Sporty style
Think sporty looks and you quickly think of grey. Take French terry hooded cardigans, sweaters and joggers for instance - true wardrobe classics by now.
3. Monochrome combination
We’re grasping back to non-colors because they mix very well together. Team grey, black and white hues for endless possibilities to create modern looks.
4. Combine with color
Grey is a perfect basic canvas and combines well with just about any other color. Any pop of color teams great with grey but this season, our preference goes to pastel hues for an on-trend feel.
5. Combine tonally
We love tonal combinations - with every type of color - which also includes grey. Tonal combinations look modern and chic, and well there truly are fifty shades of grey so plenty of options to choose from.
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