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3 ways to prevent premature wrinkles with COOLA suncare – and discover the 5 bestsellers!

Your face catches sun rays - and the UVA and UVB rays that go with it - all year round, so protection is key. Why? To prevent wrinkles and other forms of skin damage of course! COOLA has developed a high-end range of products that perfectly protect and nourish your facial skin and lips from wonderful-feeling but damaging sun rays! Protect your skin with these 3 must-know methods to add to your daily beauty routine, using COOLA products. Quickly read on to learn more!  

We’re starting off with a tip: don’t use sunscreen for the body on your face! Body sun protection is too rich and heavy for the delicate skin of your face. It will clog-up your pores which can cause break-outs. Only use formulas that are developed especially for your face.   
Mineral or Classic filters? 
Do you know the difference between a mineral and a classic filter? A mineral filter is the most natural filter. Its residu isn’t harmful for oceanwater or sea life and this type of filter is designed to break down and reflect UVA/UVB rays. Extra plus? It immediately protects after applying! Mineral sun filters have a bad reputation for leaving a white residu on your skin, but COOLA’s formulas all perfectly melt with your skin. A classic filter is designed to absorb and dissipate UVA/UVB rays – it should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure and is created artificially. 
1. Before applying makeup  
Facial sunscreen, with or without a BB formula, are both a perfect way to start your routine. COOLA’s mineral and classic sunscreen products are developed with natural phyoto-protectors, organic extracts and antioxidants that decrease the risk of sun burning and skin aging. Added vitamins effectively boost the skin’s immune system and nourish and hydrate the skin. Choose from COOLA’s irresistible range of facial sun screens: 

        • Mineral protection is available in luscious fragrances Rose Essence (SPF20), Citrus Mimosa (SPF30) and Cucumber (SPF30)
        • Classic sunscreens are available in unscented (SPF30), Cucumber (SPF30) and in a sports edition with white tea scent (SPF50).
2. Before + after applying makeup  
COOLA has made it even easier to protect your delicate face from sun damage, by developing a primer and setting spray. A makeup primer is the perfect base for a foundation or other makeup products, but can also be used to mattify skin without applying makeup. This multi-tasker spray offers SPF30 protection, is water resistant up to 40 minutes and is developed with plant-based and natural ingredients that nourish and care.  

The setting spray is the perfect finishing touch for your daily makeup and skin routine. It keeps your makeup in place all day, feels cooling and refreshing and hydrates, softens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The spray offers SPF30 protection and is developed with aloe vera and cucumber extracts. Both products are suitable for all skin types and hydrate and protect the skin. 

3. Love your lips 
Protecting your facial skin from the sun includes protection your lips! COOLA developed Liplux – lip care products that soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. These Liplux products offer natural phyoto-protectors, organic extracts and antioxidants that decrease the risk of skin aging. The vitamins effectively boost the immune system. The lip care products are suitable for all skin types.  
Extra tip! 
If you don’t want to expose your face to the sun, but love a sun-kissed look, COOLA has the perfect product for you! They’ve developed The Sunless Tan Anti-aging Face Serum for a perfect, self-tanned glow with skin-protecting benefits. The serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid, argan oil and vitamins for a streak-free, natural and youthful radiance. This product is suitable for all skin types, has a tropical Pina Colada scent and a sheer effect that can slowly be built up.  
Bestselling products
Discover the 5 bestselling COOLA products for the face! Upgrade your beauty routine and discover your favorites!  
The Californian brand COOLA brings organic, sustainable and locally produced sun care products. These facial and body products are perfect for all skin types and lifestyles. All products are developed with natural and certified +70% organic ingredients to protect, soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin. Surf fanatic and eco-entrepreneur Chris Birchby developed COOLA in 2002 after both his parents were diagnosed with melanoma. He only wanted to design the best of the best for them and it had to be harmless for his oh-so-beloved ocean. Good for both nature and the human body. 

Curious about the brand and want to see our entire COOLA selection? Find our COOLA products here!  

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