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3 reasons to wear cashmere in Spring

When we think of cashmere garments, we often associate them with cold days in which we want to wrap ourselves in pure comfort and warmth. And yes, cashmere does keep you warm indeed. But what most people don’t know is that there is nothing as suitable to wear throughout the year as cashmere. We'll not only explain why you should definitely wear cashmere on warmer days as well, but we will also show how you can create a variety of looks with cashmere garments. Read on and discover this forever favorite!
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1. Excellent insulation capacity
The cashmere goat has to deal with extreme weather conditions; from long, extremely cold winters to temperatures above 40°C in summer. To protect themselves against these weather conditions, the cashmere goat has developed an incredibly good insulating fur. The result? Cashmere acts as a natural barrier against the cold in winter, while it will keep you cool in summer.
2. Breathable and moisture regulating
It is not surprising that the most luxurious duvets are made of cashmere. Because of the extra-fine structure of the hair fibers, cashmere naturally has good ventilating and moisture-regulating properties. Particularly when you sweat easily, wearing a cashmere garment can be your salvation during warmer days.

3. Superior color intensity
The ultra-fine cashmere fibers absorb color pigments like no other type of wool. Garments made of cashmere therefore have an extremely durable and radiant color intensity. From pastels to bright hues; cashmere perfectly radiates any kind of hue and that’s exactly what we want!
Endless variations with cashmere
So, now you know that property wise, cashmere is perfect to wear all year round, which makes the possibilities for creating different looks endless. Play with different color combinations and different fabric structures to keep it interesting. Get inspired by our looks and let cashmere take the lead in your wardrobe from now on.  
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