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3 combinations with neutral colors that you didn’t think were possible

Black, navy, beige, white and off-white; under the umbrella ‘neutrals’, these colors are the building blocks of any wardrobe. And if you’re working on building a capsule wardrobe, neutrals are simply a must. Neutral colors - as is already mentioned in the name - have a neutral character and this makes them super easy and super versatile to team with every other color imaginable - in short, perfect basic colors. Also among themselves, neutrals are easy to team. Even combinations that you thought weren’t possible, can be combined perfectly in a modern wardrobe. Get inspired by our looks showing unlikely color combinations. 
1. Black and navy
Who knows where the tale arose from that black and navy don’t mix…we’re in the dark, you? Our answer is: do it! Even more so, combining black and navy looks super stylish as far as we’re concerned and can almost be called tonal. An electric and chic combo!
2. Beige and grey
Okay, we get why you’d think twice about this one; the combination can look dull and pale. But don’t forget, just like there are fifty shades of grey there are also fifty shades of beige. An ideal match is certain to be found, which is proven by the looks below. Tip: avoid combining light beige and light grey but opt for a darker version of one of the two colors.
3. White and off-white
This is probably the easiest of the three to combine because there’s no going wrong. Especially with warm weather, these colors have proven to be popular. The only thing to look out for is to steer away from an off-white hue with a yellowish undertone as this can look a bit grimy when combined with a bright white hue.
Looking for more inspiration on styling combinations with neutral colors? Then quickly check out our Neutral colored looks page.  

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