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10 beauty questions for CEO Birgit

Women and confessing age haven’t been the best of friends in the past. But luckily times have changed. With our extended life span, we’re investing more of our time and energy in living healthier and happier lives, so we can continue to feel comfortable in our skin and bodies as we age. And for women, the daily beauty routine plays a big role in feeling good. Pampering ourselves doesn’t only make us look good, you feel great which shows on the outside. PB. CEO Birgit is one of those women who knows what she wants, is successful because of it and realize that a great beauty routine influences the way you feel and present yourself every day. Discover her best beauty secrets and maybe you’ll pick up a few new tips.     
1. Could you summarize your philosophy on beauty?
Staying happy and optimistic throughout life has such a huge influence on how you look and feel every day - it keeps you looking fresh and promotes great skin. And of course, a healthy diet and maintaining balance between exercise and relaxation are key.

2. What do you find important when you’re shopping for beauty products?
First of all, products should not be tested on animals. In addition, I like products with plant-based ingredients and of natural origin. I also love essential oils.

3. What does your daily beauty routine look like?
My morning routine is the most extensive, because I like to protect my skin against daily external influences:
• I cleanse thorougly with REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Balm and 3-in-1 Cleansing Water
• A small amount of Perricone MD’s Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum for extra nutrients 
• A dab of Perricone MD’s Neuropeptide Neck and Chest Cream 
• Some of REN’s Vita Mineral Active 7 Eye-gel for fresh-looking eyes 
• I top it off with a layer of Dr Jackson’s 01 Day Cream SPF 30
• Throughout the day I spray on REN’s Flash Defence Anti-pollution Mist

Bir's morning routine
My evening routine focuses on cleansing thoroughly and recovery:
• I cleanse with Soveral’s Angel Balm Deep Pore Cleanser and REN’s Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water
• Followed by a modest amount of Soveral's Forever Young Rejuvenating & Brightening Eye Cream
• I finish with good layer of Evercalm Overnight Recovery Night Cream from REN to nourish and destress my skin while I sleep

In Summer I like to use the Mineral Makeup Primer from COOLA with SPF30 and in the Winter, I use Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum from REN to fixate my make-up.

Bir's evening routine
4. What are your 3 favorite skin care products and why?
• I never go on holiday without COOLA because protection against UV-rays is so important! My favorite is the Body Spray with Pina Colada scent.
• I never start my day without REN’s Flash Defence Anti-pollution Mist - there’s more pollution in the air than meets the eye which influences the health of our skin.
• I’m addicted to the 06 Body Perfecting Gel from Dr Jackon’s. The lightweight formula feels luxurious and is quickly absorbed. It’s packed with vitamins and natural ingredients which makes me feel great.

Birgit's 3 favorite skin care products
5. Besides you daily routine, what do you do to give you skin some extra love?
I make sure I drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and watch what I eat. And recently, in addition to eating healthy I’ve started to take daily supplements by Perricone MD, with Omega3 and Acai.

6. You have wonderful curls. Do you have any tips for curly haired women?
I love my curls, but my hair can look dry and fluffy at times. So, I invest extra time in a good hair care regime with a focus on hydration. Once every two weeks I use a hair mask, I take extra care of my hair ends and I occasionally use some hair oil.
Hair care for curls
7. What are the 3 hair products you couldn’t do without?
• I love Rahua’s Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner - my hair feels so soft after washing.
• Even hair needs protection against air pollution and external influences - so I like to use Hydration & Anti-Pollution Booster Power Drops from Oribe.
• Christophe Robin’s Moisturizing Hair Cream is a leave-in conditioner that offers extra hydration and prevents split ends. And it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky.
Birgit's 3 favorite hair products
8. What are the 3 make-up products you couldn’t do without?
I love make-up that looks natural so I’m a real fan of Perricone MD’s nourishing make-up products. I use the No Lipgloss Lipgloss that perfectly adapts to the natural color of my lips. The No Highlighter Highlighter adds the just the perfect amount of glow to your skin without looking cakey. For wonderfully full lashes, I use RMS’ Volumizing Mascara.
Birgit's 3 favorite make-up products
9. If you could only choose 5 beauty products to use for the rest of your life, which 5 would you choose?
What a difficult question to answer! My morning routine alone contains more than five products. But I would go for the selection below, to have a good basic range of natural products to get me through every day.
Birgit's 5 favorite beauty basics
10. If you had the chance to develop your own beauty product, what would it be and why?
Another difficult question! It would definitely be a product without artificial ingredients and something with an extremely low footprint - that also goes for the packaging. I’m a fan of multifunctional products as they’re great for travelling - you have everything at hand without bringing your entire beauty range with you. If I could imagine without limitation, I’d develop something that cleanses and hydrates your face, hair and body and has a built-in SPF. How great if you could be ready to start your day in one fell swoop.

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